Plank Prices

Engraving Prices

One metre of decking plank, which is presently being replaced with a replenishable hard wood called Ekki from a well respected and managed renewable source, will cost over £20 a meter to purchase and fit. All sponsorship will be entered into a permanent record book entitled: “Friends of the Pier”. This register will be kept as a permanent record of all those providing help, donations and sponsorship.

The following list shows how you can sponsor planks of varying sizes:

£40 your name will be engraved alongside others into one of the new planks fitted to the pier.

£70 the names of yourself and your partner will be engraved alongside others into one of the new planks fitted to the pier.

£100 Sponsoring a 7 metre long plank enables you to have a message (up to 30 letters long, names included) (additional letters will be charged at £2 per letter) engraved alongside others onto a new plan. A brilliant gift idea & ideal for a birthday, wedding or anniversary present!
Amounts over £100 are welcomed, and for this we will try and cater for any special requests, please contact us for any bespoke requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you. (The width of a plank is approximately 23 centimetres (9 inches). Please note: All measurements are approximate and may vary, and planks may be cut to a suitable length to fit the pier during restoration. We make no guarantees against the natural splitting and movements within timbers used.)

NB: There could be a very substantial delay (in excess of one year) before messages can be engraved on planks. We can only engrave on remaining new planks already in place. Engravings can only be done during good weather and when the planks are completely dry.