Hotspur lV

Hotspur IV


Hotspur IV, again built by Rowhedge, but rather larger. 65ft x 19ftx6ft. Net tonnage 23, gross 54. She was fitted with two 4 cylinder 65ihp Gardner oil engines, and licenced to carry 350.

The speed was increased to 9.5 knots with the added power of two new 4 cylinder Kelvin Engines in 1968 and her appearance improved when her funhotspur4nel was replaced by slender twin uptakes.

Hotspur IV was built in 1946 at the same yard as the Hotspur II and Hotspur III by the Rowhedge Ironworks Company.

On December 10th Mrs Elizabeth Percy performed the official introduction into service in Hythe, witnessed by among others Commander J D Percy, Messrs T M Percy (Director of the General Estates Company) and W A Lane (Manager of the General Estates Company).

In 1968 Hotspur IV was brought alongside the Hythe Quay to undergo extensive propulsion and some structural alterations. A few months later, the Hotspur IV was re-commissioned with new T4 Kelvin diesel engines, bridge controlled and slender twin uptakes, replacing her original single funnel, aft of her engine room cover. Similar alterations were made to Hotspur III in 1969, but she retained her single funnel and received Kelvin R6 diesels.

Can be purchased from the Hythe Ticket Office. £4.00